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An iOS app to help two people fall in love

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Anton Podviaznikov
Anton Podviaznikov@podviaznikov · Hacker, Hashobject
Like the concept. I created an app for hackathon based on similar ideas: commutations before visual interaction. Check out demo video:
Angela Yu
Angela YuHunter@yu_angela · Founder - London App Brewery
Hey guys, I tried it out myself after the New York times article came out. Was a pretty interesting experience with a stranger. At least there were no award silences... =) let me know what you think!
Anthony David Adams
Anthony David Adams@anthonyadams · Peripheral Visionary.
Crazy how many other app's we've inspired since launching the original 'App For Falling In Love' @ http://LoveActualized.com We are now doing a little crowdfund for a physical card game and have a cast of the worlds top authors & experts on love contributing unique bonus questions and prompts. http://bit.ly/thelovegame
Angela Yu
Angela YuHunter@yu_angela · Founder - London App Brewery
@anthonyadams awesome work guys. Saw it yesterday on tech crunch. Shame that launching on Apple App Store is a lot less agile. Although we both owe it to Dr Arthur Aron!
Blake Robinson
Blake Robinson@blake · Worldwide Alliances @ Salesforce
NY Times has also has a web app for this: http://nytimes.com/36q