Executive assistants of the highest caliber

Working to help busy people enjoy their lives, their work and their loved ones just a little bit more. We invest our time in finding the best, so that you don't have to, provide flexibility, and become part of your team. We don't mindlessly check off tasks, we proactively make your life easier

Way too sparse of a homepage to provide any type of confidence in the service.
@stttories Got to agree, think the "What We Do" page should definitely be brought out to the homepage. They must get a ton of clickthroughs to their form page, but would guess the attempt at closing is taking place way to soon. I would not fill out that form just based on the "Virtual Assistants Supercharged" line on the homepage.
@benwtnb @stttories good feedback, thank you. We'll address making the services we provide more prominent.
Hi everyone! Glad to be featured here, we appreciate the comments and interest. I'm a co-founder at 33Vincent, thought I'd give a quick overview for those looking for more information. We exist to provide a true alternative to hiring a full-time high-quality employee for small companies and freelancers. Up until this moment, we've grown solely by word-of-mouth from existing customers. We are not the cheapest hourly rate you'll find - it ranges from $40-65/hour based on volume. But the flexibility of use and breadth of services is unmatched. Our clients pre-pay in blocks of 20 hours, which can be used within 60 days. You avoid paying for anything but the actual minutes spent working for you. At our core, we are proactive. We suggest the best ways to do things and the most effective tools to use. Every client is different and we must learn their preference, but our goal is to minimize the training it requires to get up to speed with a new client. Glad to answer any questions that come up. Cheers!
@caseyputschoegl Added to my collection "Inspiring Female Founders"
Hi everyone - quick update to let everyone know of some major changes to both our site and our service. You can get a much more comprehensive picture of what we do and who we do it for now at 33vincent.com, and we've invested heavily into our hiring and project management processes. We've experience rapid growth in the last year and can finally say we are ready for it. Here's to a great 2016!