A temporary bookmark to save short term web interests

A temporary bookmark to save short term web interests. Keeps bookmarks for 30 days.
It helps keep the bookmarks folders clean from old and irrelevant links. Helps to keep the browser free of tab clutter. Provides a quick way to view recent bookmarks as well.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I always bookmark links for the fear of not being able to find them again. I never ended up deleting them though, which meant that I had lots and lots of Bookmarks - a giant mess of a Bookmarks folder. I realized that I didn’t need the majority of the links beyond a few weeks of bookmarking them. Hence, 30DayBookmarks - Keeps Bookmarks for 30 days and automatically deletes them on the 31st day. Give it a try.

A lot of times, you are just researching a topic, and need to store the link for a couple of weeks. This works great by cleaning up such links after a month. Have been using it for a over a month now and I don't have to think twice before 30DayBookmark-ing links.


A great way to store Bookmarks for a few weeks. Also shows the most recent Bookmarks first!


Maybe let users know before removing links.