30 seconds of code

Short code snippets for all your development needs

#1 Product of the WeekJanuary 07, 2020
30 seconds of code is a learning resource for developers of all skill levels in the form of a large collection of 500+ short code snippets in JavaScript, Python, CSS and React. After two years of work, the project is relaunched with a brand new website.
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I like 30 seconds because there is a good chance I will find "the right answer" to a common problem. I see that there have been other comparisons to StackOverflow already, but the challenge on StackOverflow is that any question will typically have multiple answers, and each answer will have multiple comments concerning its strengths and weaknesses. I would rather be able to grab one well thought-out solution to a problem that's part of a curated set!
Thank you very much for the endorsement, @jonathan_jw_harris !
Perfect. I'm currently trying to learn and practice JS and CSS and this seems like a very good option for beginners. Also, really happy to see to a dark theme option :D Are you planning to add a live chat or help option?
Hello @asma_mohammed, than you for the kind feedback. We currently lack the resources and infrastructure to add a live chat on the website, but we have a Discord server - https://discordapp.com/invite/Sa... - which you can join and chat with other people in the community, get help and learn more about the project's development. Cheers, Angelos
@chalarangelo Looks great! Kudos to you and your team :))
Great job!!😊
Thank you very much, @ayushchandra !
Love it! Congrats on the launch!
Thank you very much @andrei_nedelcu !