Interested in learning Vue but having trouble getting started?

We'll teach you how it all works - for free.

Over the next 30 days, we'll walk through everything you need to know to work with Vue. From the very beginning through topics like the Vue Instance, Components, and even Testing.

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Wouldn't it have been nice if the course website were made with Vue?
@saifalfalah since this website is not only Vue related, but also Angular and React, there is not point doing all of them... Btw, it is built with React.
@saifalfalah Fair question. We did discuss this prior to building the resource but have decided to build it within the already built codebase. @kissu_io is right, is now a React SSR app :).
Thanks Youghourta for hunting this! Hey ProductHunt! 👋 We're the team behind Fullstack Vue (, the Complete Guide to learning Vue.js. Being close to the one year anniversary of Fullstack Vue, we've compiled 30 Days of Vue, a free resource to help introduce newcomers to the Vue.js framework in 30 bite sized modules. If you're already familiar with HTML, CSS, and have a little understanding of JavaScript - 30 Days of Vue should feel just right. The resource is completely free and you can download all the articles from our website -!
This looks promising, but how much time should be dedicated to each day? Are we talking a 30 minute commitment or 4 hour commitment?
@james_bathgate Definitely more towards the 30 minute side with a few articles that can be consumed even faster. Some would probably prefer longer resources but we’ve tried to keep everything as minimal as possible.
@djirdehh & @eigenjoy The typesetting in the ebook is fantastic! What is the tool/editor that you folks were used to create this one?
@djirdehh @eigenjoy @tamizhvendan Totally agree; great book, great content and a pleasure to read because of its layout, styles, typesetting. I am also curious to find out which tool you used to create the book, very well done and well presented. Thanks for having created and shared this book, very usefull!
Very cool! Thank you. As a designer learning Vue right now I'll take anything that helps. :)