30 Days of Trump

Send daily texts from Trump for 30 days

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Whatever your political beliefs, there is definitely someone in your life that would appreciate receiving a text per day of comments made by Trump. If nothing else than to always know what the latest Trump meme is.
@corleyh This is so made for my mother! I was going to sign her up until I saw the $9.99 price. A little steep for what it is...
@gizboz1 agreed the price point is a barrier.
@corleyh @gizboz1 wow, thanks for hunting this. I'm teaching myself to code and this is one project in that process. Happy to answer any questions you have :)
I actually like the chutzpah of charging that much and my guess is that you'll get buyers. What's early traction look like?
@zachabramowitz hey Zach. I agree, pricing is always a tough balance. It's meant to be a fun tool. Traction: yesterday was an interesting day for sure and had more interest and new users than any we could have expected :)