3 Minute Optimizer

Easy A/B testing for non-techie SMEs

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This look really simple! Definitely an option I'd consider if I wanted to do some A/B testing. @scottytruong1 you release quite a lot of products these days! Congrats. Can you tell us more about this one?
Hi folks, Thanks Greg for hunting us! I started 3 Minute Optimizer to solve my own need. And from my conversations with many small business owners and info-product marketers who are not tech savvy, a lot of them are having problems with finding an A/B testing and conversion tracking that's easy to set up and not bloated with features. I'm glad to be on Product Hunt. And would love to hear your thoughts.
Hi Scotty, Congrats on the new product. However, I have a couple of questions: - Why use 3 minute optimizer instead of Google Analytics? GA is free and you can split traffic with it, track funnels, create goals, etc? - "Easy A/B testing for non-technie SMEs" - You still need to develop a variation to test against. How is that "non-techie"?
Hi Hristian, GA is free and great. No doubt about it. But for info-product creators and small business owners including myself, I'd prefer something that's easier to set it up. For me at least, setting up an A/B test with GA is quite a hassle. I developed 3 Minute Optimizer to scratch my own itch. And from the early feedback, this is a common problem for a lot of info-product creators and small business owners as well. As for your 2nd question, I consider myself a non-techie, for example. But I can change a headline or a subhead in an HTML editor quite easily. On the other hand, setting up an A/B test or tracking conversion across a funnel using other complicated tools, GA included, is a hassle for me.
@scottytruong1 Looks good! Does it work if the "thank-you"/destination page is, say, an App Store page (where I couldn't place a tracking code)? That's the problem I've run into with some other A-B services. Seems like you could theoretically track the click without having access to alter the destination page, but I'm no programmer. :)
@coreywstone @scottytruong1 Hi Corey, no it doesn't work in that case. You need to be able to place the tracking code on the thank you page. One possible way to get around this is: After the visitor has taken the desired action, take them to a page on your website (where you put the tracking code) before redirecting to the App Store page. Hope it helps.