Periscope for fun and serious debates

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Ballsy move going in to live video, it's a really crowded space. Good luck!
Saw an early version of the app and did a live debate with @matthew_lally. The magic moment was seeing someone on the other side. Really interested to see how the app evolves.
This could be huge. What better way to indulge the common desire of all humans than to provide a way we can all spout our hot sports opinion to the masses. I will say either the current user base is shy, or I need to spread the word about this app and get some new challengers because i am currently unchallenged haha. Also, curious as to how I can watch others debate on their issues. Do I have to be invited to tune in, or can I choose from a list like Periscope?
I like this take on live video and I like @mattew_lally :thumbs up:

similar to my product Now We're Talking but with less benefits


server is completed


would not call this political debate