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Intelligence for decision makers in the commerce landscape.

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18 Reviews5.0/5
Completely essential if you're participating in or interested in the future of commerce.
@jessegenet Thank you so much, Jesse. Your company is one of my favorite B2B brands on the entire internet. Truly awesome what you and Stephen have done.
I've been following Web since his days at Rogue. He's an amazing combination of intelligence, hustle, and humbleness. 2pm is a must have for anyone interested in keeping up with this wild world of commerce and the internet. I'm amazed at how quickly he and his team can provide such deep and actionable insight.
@bgadoci Brandon, thank you so much for this effort to get the word out.
Enjoy following Web on Twitter and have seen some word-of-mouth chatter about the quality of the content here on my timeline. That's enough to get me to convert to a paying user. Good luck, look forward to seeing where this goes!
@andythegiant Thank you, Andy. I work my tail off every day to make this a worthwhile product.
@web would love to hear you tell the story of how this came to be on the Tea'd Up podcast if you have spare 30-45 mins. anchor.fm/teadup
If you work or have any interest in retail, this is your guidebook. I’m a proud paying member and this has paid for itself many times over helping impact the decisions I make and directions I go in.
@taylorsicard Thank you so much, sir. I am rooting for you and your future projects.
If you are in ecommerce or have any interest in retail, this is the #1 outlet to follow and community to join. Spoiler: On a monthly basis, you will learn about the future of commerce about 6 months before it happens. Web and the 2PM team have an uncanny ability to spot trends, shifts, and acquisitions in advance.
@caseya Thank you sir. You're one hell of a partner.