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This is currently my task manager of choice and I haven't found anything that competes with it. The new iOS version is completely rebuilt and they did an amazing job of packing lots of info into a small phone screen.
@BelleBCooper wow! out of curiosity: what's the 1 key thing that makes the difference into your daily workflow with 2do? I want to understand its strong points against the competitors.
@andrea_sdl A few things I use that I can't use at all or in the same way in other task managers: 1. List/project hierarchy: You can have groups of lists, and each list can contain tasks, checklists and projects, so you get 3 levels of hierarchy (eg: a list group for "clients" can have a list for each client, and each list can contain projects and tasks you're working on for that client) 2. Quick add is super smart in 2Do III: long press on the add (+) button to quickly add a whole bunch of tasks in a row, or just tap once to add a task with all the trimmings: due dates, tags, etc. 3. Save searches for tags, keywords, date ranges, etc. 4. Start dates: Add a start date to a task or project so it shows up in your "today" view well ahead of the due date (I wrote about using this feature here: https://zapier.com/blog/to-do-ap...) 5. Duplicate projects and checklists: my biggest want from a task manager that's hard to find is this one. I have checklists/projects for blog posts I write - each publication or client has a distinct set of tasks in its checklist. I save these like templates and duplicate and rename them for each actual blog post I work on. Hope that helps! There's heaps heaps more depending on what you want from a task manager, so it's well worth a look if you haven't found a perfect fit yet. The Mac app is due for a little refresh now too, but is really awesome already.
@BelleBCooper wonderful reply :) didn't expect to go so deep into the app, so definitely thanks for writing it ;) I'll take a look ;)
@andrea_sdl I've spent much time looking for an app that fits my workflow, so I have a lot to say about it! Different apps work for different people, so it might not work for you but worth a look :)
We developed 2Do with YOU in mind (yes, you!). Don't be shy, come try it out and learn why it's been voted the BEST Task Manager ever!

This app helps me get through the day. I use it to remember many things that I need to get done. It has become my notebook for many tasks.


Can be setup to follow the GTD model. Helps me stay organized.


Tye UI can be tricky to get used to, but once you figure it out it is fairly simple to use.

Switched to this from Things. Never looked back. Very active developer.


Flexible, yet stil quick access to all vitals


Have suggested one more view option, it's coming ...

I evaluated a tonne of options and tools over a long course of time. The one I use every day: 2Do. This thing changed my life.