Accept Credit Card, PayPal, and Debit Card Payments Globally

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Not a great service to begin with. They started before stripe but had bad things going on with them. Stripe was developer friendly and kill em all. Anyways, Good-luck catching up
Not a good service at all, been using them for 4 years for the only reason that outside the U.S or Europe they are the only ones that will work with you (Stripe, paypal pro, etc won't work or will make it really hard to open accounts and get your money if you are outside u.s or europe), they take full advantage of that by using shady tactics that they know you can't really complain because your business depends on it and they will hold 5% of your money for 3 months even if you processed 100s of thousands with them....the day Stripe opens worldwide is the day they won't get any customer anymore.
I'm glad they made this redesign because they are working with more countries which stripe don't. In my case, Romania.
if this is so bad why is this here........I thought producthunt only shows good products.
Their support not responding :-)