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Hey Product Hunt! Join me and a small army of people who want to enhance their creativity by making something simple every day via #28toMake. It's super simple - 28 days of quick video-led creative projects delivered to your inbox. With just 5 min each day, you can dramatically change your creative skill level + unlock your creative potential. We @creativelive officially just launched this (here - can read more about it https://www.creativelive.com/cou...). 10,000 people are already onboard. Would love to have you join us. People are sharing work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter too with #28toMake — take peek. I'll be glued to this thread here - so feel free to ask me anything - and I'll respond. Cheers, Chase
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Hey, this looks really cool. I'm excited to get my first project. I don't understand why it isn't already in my inbox however, because it's already Feb 2nd here. The site is really pretty btw, and something about the "Begin" button instead of the conventional "SIGN UP NOW" or "JOIN NOW" just speaks to me. ❤
@talwarutkarsh should be in your inbox by now, but if you're east of SF on the global map, you might not have seen it earlier in the day as we send out the mails during our morning time. That said, if you get eager to see whats up - you can always - if you're logged in at creativelive.com go to the #28toMake page here, https://www.creativelive.com/cou... and click on lessons tab to watch the next lesson. Thanks!
When I saw that Kate Bingaman-Burt was part of it, I am going to try this.
@mrkampmann Kate is amazing! Thx for joining the challenge. If you like Kate, I think you'll love the other experts too - a talented and inspiring posse.
Really love this idea! What are some examples of projects we might expect?
@alainaprov yesterday was a quick sketch exercise - draw your beverage. But you can expect other stuff like blackout poetry (take a newspaper or any written document, and black out words, leaving just a cool poem to remain from seemingly any starting words...). It's all pretty lightweight, but still delivers a real uptick in creativity overall. if you watch the vid above in 'media' you can get some more hints of stuff you might see. thx!
Hey, amazing idea aaaaand I'm in... =D I have a product that shares the same inspiration, can we talk about that?