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Neal Shyam
Neal ShyamMaker@nealrs · Full Stack Weirdo
Hi PH, super geeked to see 25H here! And mega thanks @laurenholliday_). After reading Adam Mordecai's advice about writing 25 headlines for every piece of content you publish, I thought to myself — wouldn't it be great if there were a little microsite just for that? Depending on what type of content you're working on (headlines, tweets, subject lines), the app sets character count triggers that color code your headlines. Yellow means you've passed the optimal length. Orange means you're headline is too long. And red means you've reached the maximum character limit. Your data is autosaved using localStorage, so you don't have to worry about losing any of your great prose and as of, you can share your headlines, (in read only mode). Click the "share" button and you'll be redirected to a permanent URL that you can share with friends & colleagues for feedback.
Saul Fleischman
Saul FleischmanHiring@osakasaul · RiteKit Founder & CEO
Great to see you in here, too, @nealrs! I added our Chrome extension, since it now does total post-grading: over 60 quality points - including post length - and style issues, all evaluated with a click of a button in Facebook, twitter, Buffer and several other sites.