250 Machine Learning Conferences of 2018

A curated list of AI, Machine Learning & Blockchain events 🌍

We gathered 360 AI, ML, Blockchain conferences worldwide into a single list - the largest one you can find online. Enjoy πŸ™

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Hello Product Hunters! Last year I shared with you a list of AI/chatbot conferences. It contained 90 events. This year we did the same and composed a list of 240 Machine Learning & AI conferences and 120 Blockchain ones for 2018. So today we’re sharing it with you. Let me know if we missed any worthwhile event.
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It'll be awesome if it's shown participants on each event


- Complete list

- Navigation


- I'd like to see join and see participants of the event

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Great list, how to add miss ones?


Full list


It's perfect

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How did you pick all that stuff?



Number of conferences


Can't add own event

I didn't see a way to add/suggest conferences, but two that are missing are: 1. March 5, Stanford's Women in Data Science Conference, San Francisco, USA 2. April 12, Applied Machine Learning Conference, Charlottesville, USA I imagine there are others missing as well, though the list is impressive!
@rleonard2 thanks I've added them to the list