25k diverse & customizable free stock photos generated by AI

#4 Product of the WeekNovember 19, 2019
We're sharing a free collection of 25k HiRes stock photos with customizable AI-synthesized people. For this collection we focused on increasing diversity in model appearance. Reach out if you want us to create a unique model for your visuals.
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Hi Everyone! I’m the founder of Rosebud AI, a synthetic media company based in San Francisco. is a first step in our synthetic stock photo and API offering, which will eventually allow users to edit and fully synthesize visual content with an intuitive interface. We focused on bringing forth a way to diversify stock photo content since it was a need we heard voiced by stock photo users. All the faces in our 25k photo collection are not of real people. You can use this collection to serve up dynamic ads catered to individual users, and even give your consumers the power to choose an advertising model that they can relate too. We’re excited to hear about more uses cases for this platform and collection and look forward to releasing more functionalities for control and synthesis. The processing of this collection was completely automated, so there may be corner cases, and we’re happy to hear feedback to continue to improve it. FAQs Q: How’s it different from 100,000 Faces/ThisPersonDoesNotExist? A: Generative.Photos is not only generating the headshot of a fictitious person, but placing them in the context of a high resolution stock photo (body and background). Doing so in one click at high resolution required us to develop novel methods, in addition to generating faces we can control the gender/appearance/ethnicity of. Q: When will the self serve software come out? A: We are testing it internally. Please sign up on the website to be a beta tester so you can submit your own photos to edit and customize.
@lisha_li1 Hi Lisha, competition is always good to see! Sadly, I can't help but be disappointed with the strong similarity of your chosen domain & wording compared to 😕
@tylerlastovich Hi Tyler, I parked back in March of this year and have been working on GAN related creative tools since September 2018, so was planning a release of these tools for a while. Definitely saw (and upvoted 100k faces) because I believe there's a lot of whitespace in addressing different use cases of synthesizing photos. And as mentioned in FAQs above, we're doing different stuff in addition to using StyleGAN.
@lisha_li1 Thanks for the added info, I am sure you can understand where I was coming from. Completely agree on the whitespace, I even wrote an article here on PH about just that fact.
@lisha_li1 Why put a watermark on every image? That's the dumbest move ever!
@crypto_newswatch We will re-enable un-watermarked downloads once we implement user accounts. As a startup, offering a free resource was a trade off of immediate profit for feedback from users. We were thrilled with the inbound of user activity as well as social media reception of the collection. Sometimes we noticed posts of Rosebud’s pictures didn’t reference the collection and sometimes ended up indirectly/accidentally referencing other startups. To the best of our knowledge, our one shot face swap and synthesis is state of the art, so brand equity and attribution is a very important goal for the launch. To make it easier for those commenting on the tech but not using the photos to reference Rosebud, we made the decision to watermark the display photos for purposes of sharing. For those who want to use the collection of photos instead, we will re-enable no-watermark downloads once user accounts are created. It’s Thanksgiving for those of us based in the US, these changes will be pushed as soon as possible. What is your use case so we have more data to prioritize development for customers?. Was free very important or just not watermarked?
@lisha_li1 - thanks for building this! This is an impressive application of GANs. I love that you're targeting stock photos with bodies and backgrounds (versus just headshots from 100,000 Faces and ThisPersonDoesNotExist). I've needed sophisticated, low-cost stock photos during so many moments in my career: for blogs, decks, websites, etc. Thank you!
@renee_shah Thanks Renee! We're excited to be working on broader domains for synthesis. Definitely think this tech stack will make it easier for everyone to be their own creative director.
Looks cool, great work @lisha_li1 ... It would be great to see a wordpress plugin integration, everyone would love to use this... Also on a broader perspective, I think with AI's advancement, it could take several people out of business. This tool could easily replace models and everyone related to product shoot, the demo photos look very realistic...great work
@ramkumarhq Thanks for your suggestion Ram! What type of photos are most useful for you on Wordpress?
@lisha_li1 -- For Wordpress integration, It would be good to have photos for landing pages. So if you could create models with transparent background, it would be cool, as it would be easy to use on HERO column of a Wordpress website. :) or better you could create a REST API and this way it could be integrated into other apps too. Cheers, I tried the app and i must say, so far 25000 AI Photos delivers the best AI face experience, it looks flawless.
@ramkumarhq Wow, so thrilled with the praise! And will keep you posted on our development re these directions (REST API and background removal).
@lisha_li1 -- happy to hear that... Excited to see the updates :) Check your LinkedIn ;)
Exciting milestone Lisha and API release plans -- lots of potential directions to take this dataset further.
@dmitrykislyuk Thanks Dmitry! We're looking forward to user feedback on the platform to develop more synthesize capabilities!
Congrats on the launch Lisha! Tell us more about Rosebud - what's the big vision you what can we expect to see in the future, or at least your phase two? :-)
@eriktorenberg Thanks for checking us out Erik! Providing customizable face synthesis is a first step in allowing users to alter every aspect of a photo, and eventually synthesize photos in their entirety. We believe generative adversarial methods, along with other tools from deep learning, will become indispensable for creating visual content (including video), and are taking steps to realize that future! We see it as AI reducing the friction from conception to creation, to help marketers, creatives and anyone become masterful at making visuals. Before we get there, with this launch we want to test what's the best intuitive interface for users as well as which types of photos are in most demand, which is why we released a limited interface of our self serve tool on top of the 25k collection. Traction has come from folks who want to test variants of photos fast, or are mindful to diversify their targeting, because they can generate them easily. Eager to learn from feedback on more use cases.