Business advice for entrepreneurs over live video

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I understand the inclusion of live video as a differentiator but other than that would be interested to know what advantage this might have over existing players like clarity.fm or sohelpful.me, for both - the person seeking and giving advice.
@AnujAdhiya You beat me to the same questions.
24sessions is the marketplace for video-chat advice and coaching. You can book over 400+ experts in 1000+ area's of expertise, from Accounting to Zendesk. Maybe @Rutgerteunissen can answer some Q's!
love the idea - I'm curious - how do you think about validating expertise? linkedin profile? how i quickly know that someone is an expert on the subject they purport to be an expert on?
@josephkerns Good question! You're right with LinkedIn Connect. Second we also do a manual check for everyone that applies to be listed on the site. Third, the community with reviews. The third pillar actually is the most important aspect. If people get consecutive low reviews, something is wrong. We haven't see any bad behavior so far by the way. Also again, since it's video-chat, so you kinda instantly see if something is wrong. If the person on the other end doesn't look like his avatar for example. Our platform is extremely transparant, experts connect multiple social accounts and the product is the person. Finally, if there ever is a bad experience, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We'll compensate your pay or find another expert.
@Rutgerteunissen very interesting. just as a follow-up question, do your experts pass along additional reference materials? for example, if i'm interested in being a PM - and I talk to someone - do you find that there is a common "library" of materials that end being passed along? do you end up tracking that?
@josephkerns There isn't a common or public library but experts do write a personal written wrap-up after the session is complete. They can include files and links and the wrap-up will remain accessible only for the client and for unlimited time. A typical wrap-up includes the main points, discussed, links shared, and files created. Does that answer your question?
@Rutgerteunissen yup, i was just curious to see if you had done any analysis on commonly shared items by question type / expertise sought..might be a good genesis for a library of content.
Quick update: as of today we're also offering a white-labeled version of 24sessions to startups and enterprises wanting to launch their own expert marketplace within a specific niche. More info on http://whitelabel.24sessions.com or here in the comments!
Happy to join in here, as we know a big part of communication is visual. We've learned that actually seeing the other person make the experience way more valuable for clients. It's a richer experience. Also, it's easier for experts to help the client if he can see body language etc. Finally, using video also allows for screensharing, filesharing, co-browsing etc. which isn't possible when using the phone.
@Rutgerteunissen Thanks for jumping in. :) @AnujAdhiya and I are wondering, though: what if the major players in this space were to add video? How would you differentiate?
@nikkielizdemere We have a more International focus and we also allow experts to do free 'get to know me' sessions. Also in the near future we will add some secret awesomeness that enables anyone to start their own version of 24sessions ;-)
@nikkielizdemere ohh and about video, Dan Martell (Clarity) stated in an interview that he doesn't believe in the benefits of 1:1 video over phone calls so I doubt they'll add it soon. They did however add 1:many video sessions.
@Rutgerteunissen Thanks for the clari-fication. 😉 I didn't know he felt that way. I was aware of their 1:many video sessions so I made assumptions about their plans for experts:callers.
@nikkielizdemere Happy to help and answer any more questions from the community!