24me Micro-Gifting

Send beautiful gifts in one tap from your calendar

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Thanks for hunting us, @nivo0o0 The idea of 24me is to solve the hassle around time management and daily life routines, and create a personal assistant that gathers all into one place (calendar, tasks, notes and personal accounts) and makes life simpler by automatic completion of tasks & errands. Today we are releasing another cool addition to 24me: Micro-Gifting. Based on our algorithms 24me adds gift buttons next to special events on your calendar. With only one tap, you can choose any gift you would like and schedule when it will be sent. No need for shipping address, and the prices are the same as sold by the retailers. Easy. Fast. Hassle Free. This beautiful gift market is powered by our friends at @jifitigifts We’ve got 100 Starbucks giftcards for the first 100 Product Hunt users will buy their first gift via 24me. Shoutout to the awesome @my24me team for putting this together so quickly. Would love to hear your feedback, Thanks!
24me is rolling out a new way to send gifts straight form your calendar! It's pretty awesome, and they're launching a whole new gift market from popular retailers with over 100 gift items in each category . The way it works is they're adding gift buttons next to special events on the calendar (like birthdays, anniversaries) and with just one tap you can choose a gift and schedule when it will be sent. There’s no need for shipping address. You can download 24me on iOS here This is really interesting by 24me, and the founders @liatmord & @hertanu will be here to answer questions all day (and maybe have a surprise 😉)
Gifting is an "untamed beast!". Huge potential here and so many angles. I love the fact you are focusing on the day to day hassle free send a gift easily to practically anyone. At the end of the day, I would probably go store by store to get my wife the right thing but when it comes to all other, this can make a lot of sense. I think I'm seeing ( on average ) 10 people on my FB list a day that have B-Day's. 10-15% of those are worth more than a wall post. In most cases time ( our most valuable resource ) is the blocker. Gonna try it out
@wolkomir thanks for joining the discussion. You're right, there's a huge potential around helping people getting their things done. We already helping people by reminding them about their bill payments and they can even pay their bills right from the calendar. The addition of the gifts is another angle of turning static reminders into dynamic ones.
Looks very cool and perfect for the holiday season.
@giligolander Thanks! It's actually great timing for that as well, but think about all the events sitting in your calendar: all the birthdays, bachelorette parties, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings or just a simple thank you's! Now - instead of making a list based on your reminders - just tap a button - and get it done!
@liatmord @giligolander Liat, thanks for clarifying. Can I ask how will our friends and family receive the gifts we send?
Hey @giligolander - the people you sent gift to will receive the specific giftcard for the item you bought to their email! that's simplifies all the process.
@liatmord @giligolander that sounds perfect. thank you!
@giligolander Happy to explain - A link to the purchased gift is sent to the recipient along with a gift card they can use to purchase the suggested gift, or anything else if they prefer. That way they can enter their own shipping address and select the perfect size and color for the gift before it's shipped. If they don't need or want that gift, they have the full flexibility to use the gift card to purchase anything else.
Really interesting. Do you guys use Stripe Relay for this?
@eytanlevit Hi Eythan, great question - we actually using one of the leading payment platforms called @Zoozpayments very secured, anti fraud. We also support @PayPal