24me for Apple Watch

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Thanks @benrbn for the Hunt… Hi all, I am the Co-founder of 24me. I will be happy to get some feedback on our new project we've been working on - 24me on Apple Watch which is our first wearable project. 24me’s mission is to simplify your life by putting together the most important things related to your schedule in a simple way. 24me shows customized daily schedule, to-do’s, notes and items based on linked sources of information. You can enjoy variety of personalized notifications throughout your day - from bill payment reminders from your service providers to daily agenda, weather alerts, time to leave for meeting based on traffic, birthday reminders and many more. It also gets your stuff done while you are on the go with just one tap: navigate to meetings, send “running late” message, pay your bills, call and greet your contacts – all from your watch. Creating 24me for Apple watch was very interesting experience for us - we carefully crafted how to bring your most important information to the watch while you are on the go. Since Apple’s prime motivator with the Watch is to get us looking up at the world instead of down at our phones, we believe 24me can help a lot - It’s designed to provide the help you need to stay on top of things in your daily life by simply looking at your watch. Looking forward hearing from you all! Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything :)
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Good luck Liat (:
Hi Dvir - this is a great question! 24me is going to have all features the mobile app includes. As this is our first experience developing 24me for wearables, we put a lot of thinking on how to bring a personal assistant experience given the limitation of a very small screen real estate, and providing with the information that matters most. So we created a timeline of the daily schedule which includes the calendar events, to-do's, and personal reminders from your accounts. The Glance gives you what's coming up next - how many calendar events you have left for today, tasks and reminders, and it shows the details of the upcoming event. We put together a short video that tells a bit on how its going to look like on the watch:
Hey all, happy to jump in. Let me know if you have any questions.
Congrats! What kind of notications will the watch get?
@yairba Hey! thanks for posting your question. There are many kinds of personalized daily notifications that 24me provides throughout your day - and you can define which one you want: from agenda for tomorrow, to time to leave for meeting based on traffic, bill payments, meeting reminders, weather alerts (it's going to rain tomorrow).... It basically works as your one place that gathers all your cal meetings, to-do's, notes and information we pull from your personal accounts - and it is presented as a timeline of events. Hope that helps!