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Liat MordechayHunter@liatmord · Co Founder CMO at 24me
Hey! Happy to introduce 24me Smart Personal Assistant on ProductHunt! I am the Co-Founder and CMO at 24me. 24me is featured by Apple as one of the top apps to manage your time and it's 100% free :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Hi, @liatmord! I think everybody on PH could use more time. :) I like the idea of merging the calendar + to-do lists together, although it also demands more "switching cost" from users (ie, they need to replace two products/habits rather than just one). Granted, I haven't tried the product yet but how do you see most people use it today, Liat?
Liat MordechayHunter@liatmord · Co Founder CMO at 24me
Hey Ryan, 24me has more than that - it also has connectivity to real life accounts such as thousands of service providers, financial institutions, integrating with different calendars, the native Reminders app, the iPhone’s contacts, social networks, and your default navigation app (Waze, Google maps, Apple maps) and also a service called “Assistants for Everyone” - which is offered per the user’s task content -->24me offers all type of assistants, from cleaners to clean the house, delivery service to pick packages and takeaways, shopping, Handymen, Research, Office/Admin, etc. So its basically one place to manage your life with automatic execution - all from within 24me.
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
hi @liatmord! thanks for the taking the time. Do you find that new users find the functionality and UX overwhelming?
Liat MordechayHunter@liatmord · Co Founder CMO at 24me
Hey @liveink, actually most of the comments and the reviews that we get are that its pretty simple, intuitive and slick. What is your impression?