Simple 24 hours to-do list

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2016
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Looks like a good app! Also looking forward to an IOS Version :)
Hi Product Hunters! There are so many to-do apps in the market, but the most part of them have to many options and features, and I realized that I needed something more lean and simple, for this reason I decided to create 24hDone. When you add a new task, you will have 24 hours to finish it. You can see all your active tasks in the "ON TIME" tab. Also, each task has a colorized progress bar that indicates how much time is remaining. When a task has expired, the task will be moved to "OUT TIME" tab, but don´t worry, you will be able to activate again if you want. And thats it! :D Now is only available for Android, but will be available for iOs soon. if you have questions, let me know! Thanks.
@miguelhaba89 So in a way it's like "Snapchat (or Instagram stories) for productivity"?! ;)
@lukasrosenstock Hi Lukas... mmm is a good slogan hehe. You have 24 hours to finish your tasks, but the tasks are private.
@miguelhaba89 Did you ever create an iPhone version of this?
Looks superb. Could do with a few copy tweaks, for example "Out of time" rather than "Out time" :) Hopefully the iOS version launches soon as I'd love to get it and give it a try as I still haven't found a to-do app that works for me!
@se4nn Thanks for you advise, I´m from Spain and I have to improve my english :), I´m working on the next version of the app and will be available for iOS in 2 o 3 weeks.
@miguelhaba89 That's great! Well your English is a hell of a lot better than my Spanish! Looking forward to seeing it!
Looking forward to seeing the iOS version Miguel
Hey , Simple and clean App , i was just thinking about developing an app with the same concept "24h ToDoList and nothing more !" will give it a try once in iOS :-)