Daily to-do list. Plan and manage what you want to do TODAY

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Interesting approach to combatingvthe daily to-do list. I would recommend changing the name. I did a search for the app and there's dozens and dozens of apps/games with 24 in the title. People will give up looking for it.
@fbara Thanks Frank. I definitely see those concerns. Many apps have a ton of results when searching for them, especially to-do list apps. I think that 24 best represents what the app is. Only plan and manage what you are doing in the next 24 hours. Users can feel like Jack Bauer going on a mission each day :) My hope is that people looking for to-do lists will add in a 24 "to-do" or 24 "list" and it will appear near the top. If I continue to hear from users this isn't the case, I may explore changing it.
@andrewjbryk @fbara I support anything related to Jack Bauer.
@andythegiant @fbara Maybe change the name to "Jack Bauer's 24 To-do list app that, for legal reasons, has nothing to do with Jack Bauer". Maybe too many "Jack Bauer's" in that name but feel free to remove one. Problem solved.
@fbara I don't know if it is because I just started binging on "Orphan Black" but the idea of Jack Bauer clone armies sounds great.
Hey all, I decide to build 24 to solve a personal pain point. I coould not find a good to-do list app that fit my daily routine and had always reverted to paper. I decided to work on a small side project to build a to-do list app and am happy to share it with the PH community. 24 is your to-do list for TODAY. Manage only what you hope to accomplish in the 24 hours each day. Your list resets at midnight and you are off to seize the next day! Elaborated a bit more here - https://medium.com/@andrewjbryk/... Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts, thanks!
Love this idea :)
Cool idea, I can definitely see this being useful! One idea: allow changing the time of day that it resets. For people like me that like to stay up late working, resetting at midnight might not be as ideal.
@goldfirestudios Thanks James. That's a great idea! It's something I'm highly considering adding in a future update :)