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We proudly present 22tracks Favorites, the biggest new feature since our launch in 2009. You can now subscribe to the genres and DJs you love and will be notified when new music is added to the playlists. See a streaming overview of all recent updates in one click! If you don't know what 22tracks is: an award winning curated playlist service, run by 120 expert and influential DJs and bloggers from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris. 22 genre playlists containing 22 monthly refreshed tunes can be streamed for free from 22tracks.com and via our iPhone app. Human curation is essential in this streaming era and we truly believe in curation by professionals. They know best what happens in music scenes like house, reggae, hip hop and rock. But even the Royal Concert Hall of Amsterdam runs a featured channel. We want to be the perfect start for your music discovery! Join us :)
@venz what's the ideal balance btw human and machine curation ?
@venz This is awesome dude! We are trying to do something similar with our slack channel #music (www.hashtagmusic.audio). We too believe recommendations from friends and crate diggers are the best.
@andrew_mewborn agree! And thanks! I love those additions of music (or Product Hunt Daily for example) in Slack. We send each other new tunes all the time in our 22tracks HQ Slack. But to be fair, it's not an ideal way to share and (especially) save your best finds. We'll probably / hopefully see an app soon that's dedicated to friend recommendations only (and not depending on an official catalogue like Spotify).
@eriktorenberg nice question :) When you look at services like Spotify Radio you just know that machine curation doesn't work AT ALL. It's terrible. So I would say that there's no ideal balance, but what works if machines curate AFTER humans. See Hypem and Shuffler. Charting the blogs. Or my Soundcloud stream. Right now that's a disaster when you follow a lot of artists/labels/blogs. This could and should be solved easily. I already curated the accounts I follow, but there's no option to see their most trending tunes. Machines shouldn't curate. They should just facilitate the process of discovery.
@venz I might know a startup running for that vision ;-) Love that Benny Sings track by the way on the Kornuit channel =)
loving the product so far. - great music collection - curation by professionals <3 - love the screen design (after pressing the button on top right corner) Ps. i would love to see Berlin among the list of cities
@shalabh_ thanks! That's our minimalistic view powered by Microsoft (one of my favorite brand collabs we did). We've been having lots of talks in Berlin, NYC, LA, Capetown, Istanbul and Tokyo already. Who knows what will happen in the near future. For now we're focussing on branching out offline, with a dedicated 22tracks festival in a forest near Amsterdam. You're all invited! http://22fest.nl
Sick jams!!!!!
Decent music collection but the music autoplays on desktop... Not a big fan of that.
@irvingtorresyc hi Irving, understandable! We've had our fair amount of discussions about the autoplay topic. It's more user friendly how Youtube and Soundcloud autoplay direct links and not playlist/set/channel links. But being a music discovery service, we always want to welcome you in a genre you normally wouldn't listen to. Say Tropical. We've got the most amazing African and Latin music on there, but you wouldn't necessarily find that out if you don't land inside this musical feast.
@mrdobelina we've got a fair amount of diggers curating too and listeners who are (vinyl) collectors, so you know!
@venz hehe I was already thinking to contact you, give me a little time and I'll get back to you!