22tracks 2.0

DJ curated Spotify playlists on iOS

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Vincent Reinders
We relaunched with an integration of Spotify and Apple Music in October, after hosting the music ourselves for seven years. As you can imagine this is a very, very difficult landscape to survive in as a bootstrapped music company. To avoid losing or forgetting our great genre playlists, we've created an app (built by Amsterdam based team Next Empire) where … See more
Jamie Shoard
@jamie_shoard · Design/Founder Combo Studio
Great to see 22tracks back! Curation has always been top notch, and the simplicity of the new app is incredible. One piece of feedback is that i do miss the artist bio's/write-ups that were typically attached to the tracks. This layer of context is the aspect sorely missing from Spotify's playlists - however it's understandable the level of additional effort… See more
@johwol · Product manager @ Lift
Happy that they're back. Discovered a lot of new music thanks to their excellent curation. Spotify integration is a big plus.
Juan Buis
@juanbuis · internet words
22 tracks is my favorite music discovery service, and it's never been in better shape 💖
@remcovroom · CD at Mirabeau, columnist, speaker
Great to have 22Tracks back on my phone!