22 Days

Start to effectively control your habits

Psychologists say that a habit is formed in 21 days. It doesn’t matter if you want to start running or quit smoking. The “22 Days” application provides you with a convenient mechanism with which you can monitor your habit for 21 days + 1 day fixing.
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Dude, I love the idea. I downloaded the app. I didn’t like that the habit tracking starts from 22 and counts down. Why not start from 0? Psychologically speaking, seeing a progress bar increase is a dopamine releaser. Same thing that Apple does with tracking calories burned a day on the Apple Watch. I recommend switching habit tracking to start from 0 instead of counting down from 22. Would love to hear your thoughts on that change?
@antdke Hi Anthony, I was thinking about that, but anyway decided to have it from 22 to 0. At first, in the long-term self-motivation tasks it is better to know that there is not much days left. When you see that it is only 3 days left, you can tell yourself "I can do this, it is not so long". The second point, is that I want users to see 22 number because of the app's concept. When Habit is done, you will see the green checkmark, so "22" will be lost. But I like Alyssa's idea to make progress bar vice versa. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
Hi Makers, I've released one simple project which helps you to track your habits during 22 days. It will help you to track and follow your goals daily and it will remind you to do what you need. You literally have to visit app daily and confirm that you finished all your goals for today or not. Otherwise, please, start over. In order to avoid situations when you forgot about your goals, app sends 2 notifications: first one at the morning, the second one closer to the end of the day. Another good news is that the app is also supported on Apple Watch, so you can track your habits at any moment wherever you are. I hope that "22 days" will be interesting for you. Thanks
Android version soon?
@antonio_bologna Sorry, man, but I'm mostly iOS developer :)