21 Jumpstart

Fill your B2B lead funnel without the risk or empty wallet.

Fill your lead funnel month after month without the risk. 21 Jumpstart sets you up with interested, qualified B2B leads ready to be closed with guaranteed lead flow, or we work for free. We take the risk off your team and put it on ours.
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Hello Product Hunters! My team and I at 21 LEAP are excited to launch 21 Jumpstart. It's finally a B2B lead generation program done right and productized. - No risk: guaranteed lead flow month after month - Low cost: get world-class, US-based Lead Generation for pennies - Emotional: we use proprietary emotional frameworks to peak curiosity We believe ambitious startups deserve the same opportunities the industry giants have, which is why we're using our expertise and capabilities to help David beat Goliath! Our team has landed deals with every type of company across 5 continents, from titans like ESPN, Intuit, Nestle, and more, all the way to brand-new tech startups. Let's talk ROI: even if your average deal is only $200 per month, with 21 Jumpstart you'll get a minimum 15 leads wanting to hear about your business per month. If you land even just 20% of these leads, you'll have made money on your investment. That will compound every single month, with more and more business coming on. Remember exponents from middle school math class? Your 21 Jumpstart investment plus every lead you close to the power of your ability to make your clients happy equals ... well, I'll let you do the math. Take advantage of our team, put the risk on us, and grow your business... or we work for free. Happy Hunting! Stephen M. Lowisz
You basically do LinkedIn lead generation for $ 40-50 per lead and to justify this very expensive (in my opinion) pricing you talk about "proprietary systems and messages that convert every single time" (something I will never be able to test myself, because both are obviously a secret). I have been doing lead generation for a few years, I outsourced it before, and, no offense, I wouldn't trust you.
@luqa Great feedback! I've tried outsourcing in a former life too: you're right, I wouldn't trust most lead generation firms. They promise a lot, but guarantee nothing. That's why we guarantee qualified, interested leads for what is truly pennies when you look at the experience, technology, and ultimately, the ROI. If we fall short, we work for free. Let me clarify the messaging piece: all of our campaigns convert based on the systems and frameworks we use. We optimize and test every day to ensure this. However, it'd be silly to say each message to each individual converts. Hope that helps!
@luqa That is NOT expensive... Cost of Customer Acquisition is frequently $500+ (how much time do you spend getting a client? How many hours? X a basic business owner value of $100 hr?) I too am incredibly skeptical--see my comment below noting the well-known marketer shoving his low quality offer at me without ever asking, "So, who's your ideal customer?" or anything similar. I've talked to Stephen several times and know his headspace and where he's coming from. The first line of his copy says the word "qualified." I believe these leads will be great.
@jason_kanigan1 I don't get why you are comparing the cost of acquiring a customer with the cost of getting a meeting or an interested lead (the service that they offer). How much time does it take to get an interested lead? Surely it depends, I can get 3-5 per hour for a product that starts at $300. I pay VAs $15-20 per hour and use various tool. I never pay more than $10 per lead so 40-50 is expensive.
@smlowisz I read your website, you just reprosed the content that I found there. Maybe I have a cheap product (starts at $300 per month) but I am able to get interested leads for less than $10. Considering the fact that you select companies and want to guarantee results, why don't you offer the option to "buy clients"? Even for 10x of the actual price.
@luqa I'm not sure what the intent is here other than trying to troll and discredit a competitor. The argument for cheap, quick leads and doing so with VAs is not an argument I'm willing to entertain. I sell value with guarantees, not the cheapest solution that I then outsource. My clients are worth more than that. You can go that route, or you can go the route of quality-driven leads that convert into deals, hence why Jason is absolutely talking about acquiring a customer. As for the comment about our website content, we tested the content on it, got feedback (your comment), and optimized for clarify and effectiveness, just like we do with our messaging. That's why we're effective, so why would clarifying the content on our website be any different? To address your final point, it's impossible to guarantee a sale when I'm not the one closing it or running the meetings. Best of luck to you, but trolling isn't a good sales or branding tactic, so I'm going to wrap up this conversation right here.
This sounds really cool! The lead gen space is lacking in transparency, so there actually being a guarantee of some kind is refreshing.
Most of the time I laugh at leadgen services because they try to sell me on the QUANTITY of leads with zero regard for the QUALITY of leads. I've even had a well-known marketer try to push his cheap leadgen program on me without ever asking me what a qualified buyer for my services looks like! (How the hell can you provide good leads if you don't know that basic thing?!) Stephen is a professional and I've known him for a couple of years. He's been a guest on my podcast about the unexpected challenges of scaling businesses--and you can sure bet the need for great leads is a big part of scaling! So I can get behind his offer here and will likely be making use of it for my own business.
I certainly appreciate the feedback, Jason! I agree - I don't care how many leads you get if they're unqualified. And, if you don't ask the right questions, all you're left to do is spam and pray. We have a 25 question intake that dives more into the emotional aspect of selling into your persona than simply knowing nothing more than what it is one is selling. Thanks again!
You can talk...or just do the work. And Stephen just does the work and produces results. Period.