Replace your public email with an inbox that pays you.

The 21 app allows you to earn bitcoin in exchange for answering messages and completing tasks. Users set up a 21.co public profile, enabling others to send messages and tasks to the user without revealing personal contact information. After answering a message or completing a task, you will receive a task reward in bitcoin.

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21 allows you to replace your public email with an inbox that pays you. The idea is that you set up a 21 profile (like 21.co/naval) and people outside your network can now pay to contact you. You can keep the money or donate it to charity. It's like LinkedIn InMail, except you actually get paid :) And we use bitcoin under the hood, so it works in any country. You can sign up for a profile and answer messages on either web (at 21.co) or mobile (at ios.21.co). Note that "answering a message" is only the simplest task that the 21 webapp and app support. You can also complete surveys and do more complex things. You will see one of these surveys in the tutorial when you boot up the app; more are coming. But right now, the primary source of tasks will be paid messages to you from people outside your network. And the simplest way to solicit more such messages is to put your 21.co profile link on your homepage or Twitter bio, like this or this.
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@balajis Everyone here would have complimented the idea behind the product and its implementation - no doubt 21.co is the first of its kind that helps you avoid the spam that is generated on day-to-day basis and at the same time that provides you 'quality' connects and potential network of wonderful people. Here is something no one else would have told you: The combination of Black and Gold looks awesome - especially on an iPhone. :-) Kudos to the 21.co team @balajis :-)
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@balajis I miss having you on Twitter
@balajis Super! logged in via facebook, created username, verified email, had prompt to login again, did so, login window persists... am logged in and can click other tabs but that initial empty state is confusing IMHO. Looking forward to using this and adding other nonprofits 👏
Signed up. I'm curious to see how this plays out. Great idea @balajis!
Love the idea and it's huge potential, looking forward to seeing what other tasks are there besides surveys and outside network contacts.
Everyone should sign up to the new 21 app because free bitcoin
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@nivo0o0 Thats not free bitcoint. That is dollar? Or I am missing something?
@mohitify @nivo0o0 the only way to cash out is BTC. This seems like a wise decision, given how many PH comment threads start with "This isn't available in my country (or currency)".
And... if you want to do a good thing today, you can donate the approx $1.75-ish in btc that you'll receive for completing a 4-question survey to a nonprofit!
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@nickabouzeid Yup! Right now we support Black Girls Code and Folding@Home, but we'll be adding more over time. If you have ideas on what we should add, we set up a quick form at nonprofits.21.co that you can fill out.
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@balajis @nickabouzeid sidenote is there a db/api for pulling a list of vetted non-profits that users could select for donations. Is the list at something like Amazon Smile built in house?
I have completed all the initial tasks but now can't cashout bitcoins. It just gives me a "failed" error message. Also, I wonder where does all of that money come from...
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@vasily_kuznetsov Hi Vasily, if you have an issue can you send a screenshot to support@21.co? It may be that you haven't gotten verified yet.
I would prefer to verify my identity using AngelList - I don't have a LinkedIn account 😆
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@chadwhitaker I don't have one either and can't figure out another way to be verified.
@nhuebecker It looks like we'll have to create a LinkedIn account 😣
@chadwhitaker I did but you need 50 connections in LinkedIn for it to work
@chadwhitaker AngelList support is coming!
@nhuebecker @chadwhitaker Right now, you can email verify@21.co and we'll take care of you. As context, we've had a crush of signups recently and are working hard on streamlining the process. Starting next week, verification will be integrated with signup on both web & mobile, and we will give you a timeline on how long verification will take (it should be quick once that's up and running).