20VC: Adam Leibsohn, Founder & COO @ Giphy

From Homeless To Founding A Multi Hundred Million Dollar Biz

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omg Adam has the best Team Picture (Team GIF, obvs)
@adamcl is the Founder and COO @ Giphy, the company that brings you joy and laughter through gifs. Earlier this year, Giphy raised a phenomenal $55m Series C financing from the likes of General Catalyst, Lerer Hippeau, Lightspeed and Betaworks. As for Adam he is one of the coolest and most genuine founders I have ever interviewed and is so committed to the startup cause that at one point he went without a home to pay for the startup dream! Huge thanks to @slazar @schlaf for making the introduction today! In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Adam went from being homeless to the Founder of Giphy? 2.) What were the biggest lessons Adam learnt from his failed startup? When should founders know when is the right time to stop? 3.) Why gifs and why now? What has allowed for the spectacular rise of gifs? 4.) How has Adam created such a unique culture at Giphy? What have been his key learnings? What has worked, what has not worked? 5.) Giphy is now a cultural icon but how does Adam look to turn that into a massive globally profit making business? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Adam’s Fave Blog and Newsletter: The Information by @jessicalessin, Dealbook Adam’s Fave Book: East of Eden