Create a custom music channel based on a single song

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Hey everyone! We are very excited to launch our latest project: a custom music channel based on a single song. With 20v you can: - Set the mood for a special night. - Create a 20-song long DJ for your party! - Add visuals to gatherings and meetings - Select one, select all! Check out our site and start enjoying the simplicity of what’s awesome. http://www.20v.co/ If you want to learn more about what we do and stay up to date with our upcoming projects, enter here: http://www.fusenlabs.co/ Plus, we're on twitter! @_20v_
I really like the effect when you pause the video ;) Nice idea and great design! I'm gonna use it saturday for a party, I'll tell you what people think ☺️
Hi Romi! Cool design :) I love your concept and I tried it last night on a party. It was amazing! Keep on!
Love this! Using it right now ... already in love with the "TV" type of feel. Good job guys!
love the site design --- super clean design and fun to use.