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@chagashusky, Investment matching platforms often suffer from adverse selection problems. In this context, the best investors might be unlikely to need a service like this to find deal flow, and the best startups are typically looking for warm intros to investors rather than simple exposure. Additionally, while social proof is valuable for investors, I have never gotten the impression that they're primarily looking for quantity of interested investors as much as quality of interested investors. It would be great to hear: 1) have you developed any sense of the profile of the typical investor using the app? 2) how do you think about avoiding the adverse selection issues? 3) do you have any plans for weighting "likes" maybe using Mattermark ratings or similar? I think the idea of creating investor FOMO using social indicators of investor interest is an interesting idea, and I wish you good luck!
@benokur For sure we will have analytics about users behaviour ! We think the adverse selection is not really an issue, it could just make investors even more curious. The Mattermark ratings could be an interesting idea, for now we only have the regular upvotes, and special ones for investors.
@chagashusky @benokur incorporating mattermark would be super awesome idea. cc'ing investor friends @abramdawson @nayafia @cecistalls
@eriktorenberg @chagashusky Incorporating any strong analytics component would be extremely useful - consolidating diligence to better understand the product is helpful to both parties, especially companies pursuing an A or B. Mattermark data at a seed round might not be as relevant. cc @benokur @abramdawson @nayafia
@benokur @chagashusky @eriktorenberg Echo Ben's sentiments that it's more about quality of interested investors than quantity. There is something interesting in here, though! I've spoken with a number of investors about how it would be nice to have a lower-touch way to share deals (than via email) - we're all repeating each others' work, to some extent, and seeing things that might not be a fit for us but would be perfect for someone else. I'd picture that to be more of a closed network for investors to frictionlessly share deals with investors they know and trust, rather than something dictated by startups, though, which kind of gets away from the original intent of this product.
@cecistalls Is there any particular kind of statistics on which you usually rely on?
We wanted to bring a little bit more competition between investors to get those termsheets faster! As you maybe know, you never get a termsheet until suddenly you get a hundred of them on your desk. 208 is a Tinder-like app to rank startups, where investors who liked a company can see if other investors also liked this company. Investors can login with their angel.co profile.