2020 Resolution Calculator

Find out how long your resolutions will last!

Tired of wasting your time on New Year's resolutions just to give up 2 weeks later? Find out exactly how long you'll keep your resolutions this year with this fun, simple quiz that generates a personalized animated video.
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Hello Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ I'm new here and just launched my first web app. I'm still a novice in full web-dev, so this is a really exciting thing for me to release! This little goofy site is the result of ongoing learning in building interactive projects and dynamically customizing video. I'm a motion designer, animator, and general creative and have been dabbling with code for most of my life. This, however, is the first time I've taken an idea from scratch to deployment without using something like Wordpress or letting it die on localhost. I wanted to give myself a limited-scope project, with a deadline, that I could actually start and finish. βœ” A goofy online quiz with potentially rigged results... βœ” Built with ReactJS and Tailwind-CSS βœ” After Effects β†’ Bodymovin β†’ Lottie-Web for the animation βœ” First time deploying a project to Netlify (super easy!) with AWS Lambda + SendGrid for email notifications I'm going to be sharing the code and project files on my website - so stay tuned for that :) 2020s is going to be a decade of finishing projects and shipping things. Hope its the same for you! ~Chris
@jamessm πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
I'm at the early stages of embarking on a journey like this. You have inspired me!
@glennmon glad to hear! What kind of journey?
@itstheonlychris Thanks for your product's motivation ! It said I can hold it on for only 14 days.. I am curious to know how exactly you are calculating it ? And how accurate the results are ? Ah , got it : "PS: This is just a joke obviously. I don't know how to actually calculate anything and I won't actually sell your information most likely probably."
@probeta Haha yes! There's no way to win :) It was primarily a joke experiment to try out a fun concept! Thanks for trying it out!
Very good design, but it doesn't support accent on name.. ?makers
@matteogauthier ah yes - sorry about that! I put this together over the weekend before New Years so I didn't have time to implement accessibility or support all characters :/ I'll make that note for next project though! Thanks for checking it out!