From the producers of the 18’ Summer calendar & 18’ Autumn calendar, we give you the full 2019 emoji calendar.

For any awesome marketer who plans ahead, celebrates events with their audience, and never misses the opportunity of a great campaign. And gasps at a good design. And loves emojis.

It’s for you.

Here's the Google Calendar version.

Niamtu Cristi
Sandhya Ramachandran
Nicu Barbaroș
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  • Sean Errey
    Sean ErreyBringing startup companies to market.

    Fresh bit of content, love the Emoji Calendars guys!


    What if there is no 2020 Calendar? What will we do?

    The Planable team coming out with another winner, great job Miruna and team.

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Miruna Dragomir
Miruna DragomirMaker@dragomirmiruna · Marketing Manager @ Planable 💚
Ok so I’m going to be fully honest with you. This was not entirely a good-hearted gesture for your productivity. It was for us. And our social media. I hate scrambling for content every week and… not to mention, we have a blank wall at our office. It deserves a good calendar to help us with our content. Let us know if it’s useful for you and any feedback you have!
Alin B
Alin B@sk_dub · Startups, b2b & growth marketing
Love it when people plan ahead! Great job guys!
Yam Regev
Yam Regev@yam_regev · Co-Founder, CEO & CMO at
Waited for it way toooooo long, guys ;) Supreme and valuable piece of content <3
Vlad Calus
Vlad CalusMaker@vladcalus · CMO at Planable
@yam_regev you're awesome man! Thanks a bunch for the kind words!
Ma Nu (Manu)
Ma Nu (Manu)@mrcatacroquer
This is so valuable. Thanks a lot for making this! Where can I find the link to the Google Calendar? The link on your landing pages sends me back to here...
Miruna Dragomir
Miruna DragomirMaker@dragomirmiruna · Marketing Manager @ Planable 💚
@javerbode so sorry about that! Fixed it now. You can find the link to the calendar here: