2019 Diversity in the Workplace

An independent D&I report on 10 companies from 10 countries

The 2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report by Vessy.com is an independent international report covering 10 companies from 10 countries.

Louis Grenier
Teodora Mircheva
Ben Goldsmith
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  • Alo Arro
    Alo ArroBuilding exceptional teams @Teamscope

    Lots of really practical and actionable advice on how the best companies in the world are building diverse high performing teams.


    None really...

    Great stuff, thanks for putting this together Vessy!

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Vessy Tasheva
Vessy TashevaMaker@vtasheva · Founder of Vessy.com, D&I Consultant
Hey everyone! I'm Vessy, founder of Vessy.com and author of the "2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report". I'd absolutely love to hear your feedback! The report doesn't answer all D&I questions. So feel free to comment here if you have a question and you can't find an answer to it in the report!
Niklas Pivic
Niklas Pivic@niklaspivic666 · Tech Writer, music lover, avid reader.
@vtasheva Hi there! Have any diversity-focused non-politically bound organisations/companies commented on this report? What have they said?
Vessy Tasheva
Vessy TashevaMaker@vtasheva · Founder of Vessy.com, D&I Consultant
@niklaspivic666 hey Nikolas! I have interviewed - A) people from the following for-profit organizations: ThoughtWorks, Atlassian, Hotjar, TransferWise, Zoona, RTE, Techstars, Swedbank, Software Group, Marvel, Hubble, LimeChain, HireSpace, myAccessHub, Victoria147, Costanoa Ventures, Draper Esprit; - B) representatives from non-for-profits such as Travis Foundation, Inclusion Ireland, Diversity VC. I'm not sure what you mean by "politically bound". As far as I'm aware those companies are not tied to any political party or political agenda.
Kumy Veluppillai
Kumy Veluppillai@koomerang1
Just stunning. This report is incredibly well executed. Love the richness of the interviews. What were some of the biggest challenges in putting this report together?
Vessy Tasheva
Vessy TashevaMaker@vtasheva · Founder of Vessy.com, D&I Consultant
@koomerang1 when I came up with the idea of the report, I wanted to showcase stories and companies from countries that are very different, not just a mix of European and North American companies that could be somewhat similar. I did interview people and companies from Mexico, India, Australia, and South Africa. It was very hard to find a company comfortable to share on D&I in Asia (due to a recent PR crisis as one company in Malaysia supported LGBTQ rights and many users deinstalled their app) and in South America (due to mostly a language barrier as I found interesting companies and I was getting introed to them, but the conversation didn’t pick up).
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunterPro@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
With this report Vessy aims to help the companies that want to become more inclusive and diverse, so that they can innovate, understand and serve customers from around the world. As many of the people she interviewed said — being diverse and inclusive is just the right thing to do. This report is for those who feel excitement about transforming a company culture, who want to feel proud of their work, who want to make a real impact on people’s day-to-day lives. Vessy talked to 10 companies from 10 countries, of various size and D&I maturity. You can find aspects in each case that are similar to your company -- and learn from them. The smallest business consists of 20 employees and the biggest - of 16,000 people. The oldest company in the report was founded in 1820 and the youngest - just in 2017. Some of them started with D&I a decade ago, while others are just doing their first steps. All of the companies that Vessy researched have one thing in common. They are unique because of their context. It's a mixture of their company history, values, employees, customers, proposition, markets, and objectives. What works for one of them won’t necessarily work in the other ones, and vice versa. Creators: @vtasheva + @jnpetrov Contributors: @adblanche, @BrianCVC, @wswannell, @checkwarner, @kelsddog, @NickyTod, @farooq_abbasi
Vasil Enchev
Vasil Enchev@uffou · Maker of Ora.pm - Agile/Kanban/Time
Very rich report! Congrats on releasing it I can see that you put a lot of work to do that and it's all for a good cause!
Vessy Tasheva
Vessy TashevaMaker@vtasheva · Founder of Vessy.com, D&I Consultant
@uffou thank you, Vasil! It took exactly 3 months from idea to launch. I reached out to approximately 100 individuals and got to talk to 22 of them to show the state of D&I in the 10 companies from 10 countries featured in the report. 17 of those were in-depth phone interviews and there were a few that were done over the email.
Lyubomir Hristev
Lyubomir Hristev@lubo · Customer Success Manager @ Gtmhub
@vtasheva, look what I found! Hope it's an interesting one. https://hbr.org/2019/02/survey-w....
Vessy Tasheva
Vessy TashevaMaker@vtasheva · Founder of Vessy.com, D&I Consultant
@lubo Wow, their summary of 3 key points is so consistent with my findings in the report. I'm actually blown away. That's awesome to see! Thank you for sharing. *1. Leadership commitment:* Superficial words and platitudes are insufficient – as evidenced by the 75% of employees we surveyed who see diversity programs in place but feel no effect. Leaders must build a clear case for change and set concrete goals, prioritized in concert with their diverse employees. This is covered in my 2018 Trends. *2. A tailored approach:* The interventions we’ve discussed must be tailored to each company, using its specific culture and starting point to determine the best course of action. I address this in the Author's note. *3. Metrics:* Last, top-performing companies measure progress over time and use key performance indicators (KPIs) to refine their approach and to hold leaders accountable for results. That was one of my key points during the launch event of the report, it's also addressed in Trends under "Success Factors" and "Approaches" and I go into it in detail in the story on Atlassian.
Lyubomir Hristev
Lyubomir Hristev@lubo · Customer Success Manager @ Gtmhub
@vtasheva, I'm glad that this reading matches your findings. I'll share some more then. 🙂