In one short year, we can accumulate thousands of experiences, stories, perspectives, interactions, & more, which most tend to live under the surface, unprocessed and unapplied. This no-stone-left-unturned guide covers all the bases to becoming our best self.
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Over the years I’ve tried different formats to reflect on my year, and while some help, I’ve always felt them lacking here or there. So last year, I put together my own questions, to be as comprehensive as I can, and it turned out to be an incredibly powerful and helpful exercise, for me and over 10,000others. It really is meant to be no-stone-unturned, not for the feint of heart, willing to take a deep look inwards. 188 questions to be exact. Because I personally love self work and growth, and I’m obsessed with questions and asking them.
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@tyra_jorel Hey, there's no need to enter in any payment info, as it is currently marked down to free. You can just continue past it. It will become a paid product after 12/26. Hope that helps!
@kylekesterson Hey, thanks for this! There's a mention of Google Doc variant to avoid printing, but i've received just the pdf. Would you mind sharing the Google Doc pretty please?
@straaajk Sure thing. If you scroll to Page 4 of the PDF, you'll see the link for the Google Doc. Just "Make A Copy" and it's all yours :)