2017 Goats

This calendar is the greatest of all time 🐐

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My favorite Twitter account, @everythinggoats, launched the happiest 2017 calendar of all time. Also, this might be the best holiday gift for goat-loving friends and family.
@rrhoover @everythinggoats I bought it. 🐐😈 $9.99 + free shipping with code "MONDAYGOAT"
Hey @everythinggoats -- you could have at least responded :(
@everythinggoats you better have a goat excuse for not responding to this poor guy
@kevando_ I'd prefer the 2017 calendar if it has goats in trees. Maybe I'll just have to patiently cross out the days in my 2017 Mules calendar and hope 2018 brings me goats in trees.
@aidan I heard about that calendar in the rumor mule.. didnt think it was true
We need a picture of Tom Brady in there ;)
The maker name is cool, 100% goats , its really the year of the goats
Love this!!!!! Goats are the best. :)