Learn to code and design Tesla, Pinterest, Instagram,Twitter

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Am I missing something or is there no place to sign up?
@taykcrane You are not. I took the buy button down. Not enough sales.
@pavel_kuba1 @taykcrane Wait, not enough sales so you took down the ability to sell more? Do you have a different plan for it?
@joshdance I have also refunded everybody who bought. I'm definitely open to suggestions - 2016doneright@gmail.com
is the website down ?
@2016doneright : can you tell us more about this project?
@_jacksmith @2016doneright Sure. Hello, I'm the Founder of 2016DoneRight. I have personally spent last 2000 hours learning how to code and design. It is definitely not an easy task as there is a jungle of options to choose from. Therefore, I have selected the best tools - Webflow.com, c9.io and Ruby on Rails and we will be building together beginner versions of Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tesla and finally 2016doneright.com - learning platform.
@_jacksmith @2016doneright You can check those exact applications that we will be building together at pinterestdemo.rocks, teslademo.rocks, twitterdemo.rocks and instagramdemo.rocks.
Pretty awesome product, how do you say it's differs from other projects like https://code4startup.com/ or even FreeCodeCamp? @pavel_kuba1
@aleattorium Thank you. I was amongst the customers of code4startup.com which opened my eyes. I always thought that you have to be super smart to be able to code well. Not true at all. You have to see a lot of code and write a lot of code. Comparatively to C4S I will be paying more attention to design. We will be using webflow.com and especially their discover feature where you have 100's of already built websites from other customers. Beautiful source to learn from. But probably the most important goal for me is that you don't quit. With me, you will not be installing anything which is a huge pain, especially for a beginner. By using c9.io on the other hand I will be able to get inside your workspace and help you to find the bug in real-time. I can remember perfectly what was difficult for me to understand. I will pay special attention to those places. I have tested those sample applications to around 100 requests per second which is a lot of users. Leo from C4S on the other hand is a programmer by profession.