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Kwun-Lok NG
Hi all hunters! I am a marketing engineer who is passionate in making marketing automation possible so we can do more in less time and my partner @AmandaWongW is a marketer who believe data can help us make better decisions (but often frustrated when there aren’t enough engineering resources / affordable tools to get those data). We created this US Election Facebook Monitoring Tool as part of our journey in building Samplify.io, a smart assistant that can notify you when special trends are observed on Facebook (and we will start covering more social media platforms soon). By subscribing to this free campaign, you’ll be able to get alerts when special trends are observed on the Facebook pages of Clinton and Trump (e.g. when Trump’s fans are raged by a post about Hillary). We do this by analyzing the reaction data of their posts and send out alerts when there’re big deviations detected (e.g. a post received 50% more “angry” than an average post in the last 30 days). Subscribe before the next Presidential Debate on Oct 9 so you can stay on top of the latest trends and won’t miss any important moments! Samplify is currently in private beta. We really hope our tool can help more marketers better leverage on data without needing to spend a lot of time. So any feedback will be much appreciated!
Charlie Sheng
writing stories for startups
Very interesting!
Bret ChengMobile Dev, FOAK
Great stuff!
Vincent SoGrowth Hacker, OneSky
very interesting! great stuffs!
Karl MonsonFounder at FnnlDb
This is a great tool, but it should include all candidates rather than perpetuating the 2 party duopoly.
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