2016 Toyota Prius

Return of the Disrupter

I don't get why this car is on product hunt. Sounds like a normal iterative improvement from recent years. The prius was a big deal when it launched, but that was in 1997. It's not all electric, and it's not completely rebuilt or harnessing anything under the hood that is striking.
@paulprins sometimes weird things happen on PH. @rrhoover has said they'll be expanding into lots of different categories - so maybe cars will have it's own section one day? Until then, I think if a Clip-on Man Bun can appear in the Tech section, I'm pretty sure a Prius can to: http://ph.dog/clip-on-man-bun 😀
@paulprins fair question. And you're right, there aren't many cars on PH. This was an experiment -- should cars be hunted? Maybe/possibly not. But how does one draw the line? What belongs on PH and what doesn't?
@chrismessina Chris I don't claim to know what should or shouldn't be on Product Hunt, but it seems the only time existing products from major corps end up here is if they are new, or dramatically improved. Eh, 22 votes makes it seem like most people who saw it on the front page didn't vote it up.
Curious if the look of this car (more angular, more like Transformers) is going to be setting the standard, away from the softer and curvy lines most cars have sported in recent years...
@chrismessina I'm really not a fan of the design. Even Kia and Hyundai have better design skills than Toyota, which is both surprising and horrible for Toyota IMO. Quality and innovation is certainly above average but it's not the total package.
Still looks like a dead fish lying on it's side @pdame