2016 Photo Challenge

Take a photo every day for 366 days

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@Amtrekker told me about this a couple weeks back and it's a great idea! Since it is tied into not only Mission:Pic but the web also, anyone can participate. Of course it sounds easy enough.. but can you take a photo everyday in 2016?
366 days because of a leap year folks....
Hey everyone! We put together the 2016 Photo Challenge as a fun way to bring non-iOS users into the Mission: Pic fold this year. A new mission goes out every day at 8am GMT, all over the world and you have 24 hours to take a pic inspired by that mission. Then the community votes photos up and down creating leaderboards filled with amazing photography! I like to think of Mission: Pic as kind of a photography app with a game layer. We've built up an amazing community of really talented and kind folks over there. If you're on iOS come say hi! Either way you can sign up at http://2016photochallenge.com and have an awesome New Year's resolution to shoot for. :) Happy to answer any questions!
Great idea! I'll start it knowing fully well I'll never succeed. Failed the water challange, sugar challange and many others. People I know will nail it, forwarding now.
@moravtchik Ha! I know that feeling. It's a little easier with a fun community. It was kind of an unofficial part of last year and it was easier than I expected. Thanks for sharing!
This looks fun! I've been wanting something like this, but haven't quite got around to it. I nee the extra motivation of the prompt email. Just signed up and downloaded the app, so we'll see how it goes!