2016 JavaScript Rising Stars

The most starred JavaScript projects of 2016

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Kevin Leneway
Kevin Leneway@kleneway · CTO / Co-Founder, Haiku Deck
Great tool, it helped me find a few blind spots in my Javascript toolkit. Also interesting to see Microsoft topping a few lists. Ten years ago when I was working with the nascent open source tech evangelist team, it was difficult to get any traction within the oss community. Satya has really put them on the right path.
Saif Al Falah
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
Pretty cool. Surveys are one way to check the pulse of the JS ecosystem. Github Stars is the other. The results of both of these pretty much overlap, right?
Yvo Schaap
Yvo Schaap@yvoschaap · Independent Technical SEO Specialist
See also similar: http://stateofjs.com/ @michaelrambeau is there a business model behind it? (updated comment, see below)
Sacha Greif
Sacha GreifHunter@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
@yvoschaap just to clear up any confusion, this is not my project, I just hunted it for a friend :) And yes I do have a business model. StateOfJS had sponsored links for example (Rising Stars doesn't generate income as far as I know, but I'll let @michaelrambeau answer).
Yvo Schaap
Yvo Schaap@yvoschaap · Independent Technical SEO Specialist
@sachagreif @michaelrambeau confusion my mistake. Anyway, both projects are great tools to make sense of all things javascript.
Michael Rambeau
Michael RambeauMaker@michaelrambeau
@yvoschaap Hello Yvo, no business plan behind the project, I wanted to talk about things I like and see what it takes to get popular when you publish something. "Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity"... so I try to be prepared, this is my state of mind.
Tyler van der Hoeven
Tyler van der Hoeven@tyvdh · Developer, Baremetrics
Awesome to see D3 is still in the mix after all these years.
Michael Rambeau
Michael RambeauMaker@michaelrambeau
An update about the project: 10 days after the first release, the Japanese version is available! https://risingstars2016.js.org/ja/