We've been collecting Slack groups since 2016. Back then we found 400 groups. It took us two months to find and aggregate them all.

In 2017, we set a goal to find 1000 groups. We did it successfully and launched the list on Product Hunt.

Presenting you the results of months of hard work in 2018. We collected and verified 2000 Slack groups 😎

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Hey, Product Hunt! Alex from https://standuply.com is here. We've been collecting Slack groups since 2016. Here’s what learned and documented. Slack groups keep growing in 2018 in their size and overall number: ✔️ the number of Slack groups doubled from 1000 to 2000 since 2017; ✔️ the total number of their members is 2.2M people; ✔️ the largest group is Kubernetes with 40,000 members; ✔️ top-25 Slack groups account for almost 500,000 members with half of them related to programming; To make it easier for you, we created a dedicated website where we categorized all the communities at your disposal. It took us three months to collect, verify and document this data. Feel free to republish the list, but make sure to put a link to the original source ☝️ Enjoy 🙌
@sprinter This is great, an index of Slack communities
@sprinter what was your initial spark of intention for doing this? Btw it’s awesome. Joined a couple already!
@sprinter Wooow! Guys, thank you for being crazy enough to do this. 1000% useful.
Very cool, too bad it’s not more visually appealing 😏
@cameronswrld that would take us 3 more months then =)
@cameronswrld @sprinter ha hahahaa good point!
Awesome idea! Finding Slack channels is still a very p2p thing for most people. What's the best way to submit a Slack group? My team runs gratify.ai and we'd love to be considered!
@amplicity just email us via hello at standuply.com; we'll add it in the next update
@sprinter Thanks Alex! We'll do that now. Such a great tool, thanks for putting this together. We've got a launch coming up v soon for Slack users too: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... So awesome to see others in this space. Keep crushing standuply team. Great work.
Crazy! I just used the list a few days ago. This is a huge effort and so valuable for people like me. Upvoted and hoping it keeps growing.
@federicojorge thanks a lot, it motivates us keep doing that