20 Questions

The world's favorite guessing game!

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20 Questions is the world's favorite guessing game! You may remember playing 20 Questions in the car on family road trips. There's no need to wait for that road trip anymore. That's right--we are the first to bring this classic guessing game to your social network, so you can play it anywhere, anytime, with real people, in real time!
@swami108 I used to have a handheld device that played 20 questions. Do you plan on building an algorithm that could guess it better than just my social network?
@lindsayclamb For now I think we'll focus on playing against real people. There are already some great products out there (ex. Akinator) for playing with the computer. But you never know, we'll see how to goes :)
This is a game that I grew up playing in India (we called the game Who's Who) and I remember the whole family would be together when we played. Today, everybody is busy, and family time is so rare. I brought 20 Questions to the social platform so that not only me, but anyone in the world can reconnect with family, and make new friends via this simple and fun game.