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@NBanta is the Founder and CEO @B12io, the startup that uses AI to superpower their team of world class creatives to create even more intelligent websites. They have backing from the likes of @Jimihendrixlive, @GCVP and our friends at @FCollective with @dafrankel and @epaley. As for Nitesh, prior to B12, he was on the dark side as a VC with General Catalyst for 5 years before Co-Founding @RoughDraftVC, the General Catalyst program designed to develop the next generation of student founders. Huge thanks to @badboyboyce for the intro today. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Nitesh made the move from VC with General Catalyst to AI Startup founder with B12? 2.) How difficult was it for Nitesh to leave the security of venture to start B12 as Founder? What does Nitesh suggest to those that are unsure of whether to make the jump? 3.) Why does Nitesh believe that AGI (artificial general intelligence) is not as close as people predict? What are the implications of this towards humans relationship with technology? 4.) Is Nitesh bullish on humans creating new and unique machine learning algorithms or the rise of 'machine learning as a service as a sector? Where does the real value lie, the data or the machine learning algorithms? 5.) Why is Nitesh contra the common pessimism surrounding AI and the future of work? How does Nitesh believe AI will impact human work processes in a positive way? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Nitesh’s Fave Blog: @BGurley: Above The Crowd, Nuzzel by @abrams Nitesh’s Fave Book: Oh The Places You'll Go