2 Billion Under 20

Stories of innovative young millennials

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Sumeet Shah
Sumeet Shah@pe_feeds · Consumer & VC specialist for hire.
Stacey is one of the most brilliant and hard-working female founders I've met. Looking VERY forward to getting my copy of the book!
Stacey Ferreira
Stacey FerreiraMaker@staceyferreira
@pe_feeds Thank you Sumeet! Appreciate it!
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
What was the moment when you knew you were going to write this book? @staceyferreira
Stacey Ferreira
Stacey FerreiraMaker@staceyferreira
@eriktorenberg I saw Jared post about the initial idea for the book on Facebook. At the time, I had just sold my first company to Reputation.com at 20 years old. I had a lock-in period at Reputation and started talking to a lot of young entrepreneurs about their own work and businesses to stay in the loop. When I saw the post on Facebook, I knew immediately I wanted share their stories of accomplishments at or under 20 years old.
Stacey Ferreira
Stacey FerreiraMaker@staceyferreira
Jared and I met at the Thiel Fellowship summits and were so inspired by the hundreds of young people who are working to change the world every day. These people were the inspiration and we're so excited to share some of their stories with the world!
RoryBroHiring@rorybro · CEO, gifs.com
Book looks awesome! Can't wait to read :).
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher RichmanHunterHiring@fletchrichman · CEO, BubbleIQ: Slack-first ticketing
I met Jared and Stacey a few years ago and they had the idea for 2 Billion Under 20. I wrote a short story about my entrepreneurial experiences in college, and they syndicated stories of 75+ others with amazing stories. I'm extremely impressed with the hard work they put in to make this book a reality, and it's an inspiring read for people of any age.
Nis Frome
Nis Frome@nisfrome · Cofounder at Alpha
@fletchrichman looks cool. will check it out.