1World Online

Blockchain-powered Engagement & Monetization

1World Online, a blockchain-powered engagement & monetization platform for publishers & brands, is listing first of its kind 1WO media token, the smart contract that rewards users for their engagement. 1Word Online issued its own first of its kind media cryptocurrency called 1World (1WO), which is a utility token for the 1World ecosystem.

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Think of 1World as a Brave browser, but with out a need to install any special browser or plugin to get up to 10% of ad revenue you see and engage with!

Widgets are free for website owners and administrators, and despite of taking a cut from the advertisement revenue, by engaging audience websites end up earning more!


Advertisement revenue share with users bringing them new public opinion insights


There are still not a lot of websites on the platform yet, but the network is increasing fast

This is a good use of the bockchain technology to bring in more transparency in the monetization and advertising platforms


Good use of the token economy


None yet

1WO token seems to have a very interesting real-use. It can be used as a means of payment for advertising. Publishers can use the platform and earn 1WO tokens. As 1WO tokens have a limited supply just like bitcoins. The more these tokens are used, the more demand for 1WO is created, pushing its value to go up. Would be awesome to see blockchain being employed in the monetization market :)

I did use it all the time since Year 2013


Real innovative product with dedicated team


I would like to see more support for mobile

Hi everyone! I'm Dan, head of product at 1World Online. On November 30th we completed our ICO with over USD $11M in contribution from 740+ people and issued 1World (1WO) tokens 1WO tokens are designed to motivate audiences on websites/publishers participating in the 1World network to engage, provide feedback, create content while also being the tool to place advertising in 1World deployment and been to conduct research via placing questions for audiences of participating sites (mini-surveys). Readers can enjoy the benefits of: a) Earning tokens for performed actions/engagements in the 1World platform, such as voting, sharing, content contribution b) Spending tokens to initiate advertising campaign on the 1World platform inside of our deployed widgets, spend it on our future partners or get it to cryptocurrency exchange (1WO is listed on Qryptos.com) By introducing tokens into our widgets we are addressing the following issues: For publishers 1) Adblocks (1WO Incentivizes users to switch off adblock so they can earn 1WO tokens), 2) Low Engagement (1WO increases engagement rate on their website), 3) Unfilled ad inventory (1WO ecosystem utilizes unfilled ad inventory with very high conversion ads) For Brands 1) Ad blindness (1WO decreases ad blindness by engaging users with relevant to content questions and showing related ads), 2) Low Ad Click Through Rate (1WO incentives users to answer questions that contribute to more relevant ads and messaging from 1World ecosystem that significantly increases CRT), 3) Low ad impact (By encouraging users with 1WO brands can conduct micro studies and research current option to improve their offerings and positioning) For Users 1) No revenue share (With the use of 1WO publishers can share 10% of their ad revenue related to our widgets with their users to support their engagement and actions of their website), 2) Not relevant ads (By earning 1WO users tell what they think and what they are interested in what allows to show useful ads to users), 3) Non engaging content (By encouraging users to share their opinion with 1WO people could access additional level of highly relevant stats and users opinion) I'd love to hear your feedback and try 1World widgets to engage readers on your websites and share with them some 1WO tokens for their engagement!