Get more downloads of your app with a 1url.pro short link

Free short link generator for app downloads. Simplify downloads for your app with a 1url.pro to all app stores.

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What are the advantages of this over branch or appsflyer?
So "one link to rule them all?" Would be very cool if the link also came with corresponding app-store badges. This way "download in iTunes" and "listen on Google Play" will look visually different to the users, making them feel warm and fuzzy. I bet you some users, especially Android, will look at an Google Play link and think: "wow, this is actually available on Android before it's on iPhone? Let's try this!"
This doesn't work.
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This is a phishing site as far as I can see. You can't edit your account details, you can delete your account. You don't see even have a Privacy Policy in the website.