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More like a company culture enhancement drug. Their events are not only unique and memorable, they're executed flawlessly. They proposed a miracle fruit party for us, and it was a huge hit. If you're looking for something to charge up your employees, definitely check them out.
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Hi all, I'm Sam, one of the founders of 1up. We know how hugely important events are for building company culture, and yet not everyone has the time or resources to plan them. And we got tired of going to the same old happy hours, so we created 1up to be the easy button solution for amazing company events. They're all-inclusive and designed to get everyone talking (and laughing a lot). We have a blast coming up with the activities (which I hope shows!). We'd love any feedback you have, and are happy to answer any and all questions. Thanks!
I love this idea. Planning events is such a pain, and they just make it super simple! Will definitely check it out!!
It looks so dope and I can't wait to try this.
Really interesting. I like the simplicity of it... How does finding a possible venue work? It'd be really cool if there was a way to do that all online too. I bet you could work out a really interesting venue-relationship side of it; venues love getting in front of new clients, especially corporate ones.
@treejanitor Thanks Chris! I could not agree more! We are definitely looking into partnering with different venue-booking sites so that it can all be easily done online :) Right now, most of the events are designed to take place in your office (since most companies have great spaces for it, it keeps costs lower, and typically attendance higher). If you'd like the event to take place at a separate venue, just contact us directly and we'll find the perfect space for you (we have a few go-to venues in the Bay Area)
@samantha_perlman Thanks for the info on the venues. I was mostly thinking about companies where the office is the last place folks want to be for a fun event (i.e. cubicle farm). I've often been parts of sizable teams where we need to figure out where to go and what to do. Half the battle is finding the right-sized location with a private/semi-private space... this isn't always huge groups, but at multinational sorts of companies where the division teams themselves are a little more self-organizing. Anyway, thanks for the info! I definitely know folks in the NYC area who I will pass you on to...
@treejanitor That's definitely fair. And you're spot on-- most of the time when we book venues, it's for separate or smaller teams to do their own off-sites. And thank you! I'm sorry to say we can only accommodate events in the Bay Area at the moment, but NY is the next city we're expanding to!