Self destructing links for sharing sensitive information

#4 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2018

You can't share sensitive info over IM or email. These methods are not secure as anyone with little knowledge can intercept this information during transmission. Using 1ty.me as the "middle man" you can safely and securely transfer this data to your recipient. Visit our about or FAQ page for more info.

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An alternative I've used for a while is https://snappass.pw/ and what's cool about that is the code is open source so you can host it yourself! https://github.com/pinterest/sna...
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@blancotech_ They are similar, but 1ty.me includes the additional feature of optionally adding in your email to be notified when the recipient views your note, which I really like.

I like knowing that the link has been clicked. It only takes a few moments to enter your note, generate a link, and send it off to whomever you want to view it. It can only be viewed once, and then anyone who clicks the link will see the message "This message has already been viewed." I use this to share passwords, credit card info, and other private info I don't want sitting in an email or accidentally shared from an instant message.


Easy, fast, doesn't require an account. You only enter your email if you want to be notified if the link is clicked.


None I've found so far.

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This looks a lot like privnote.com.
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@scott_c_wilson It is similar to privnote, but 1ty.me has the option of entering your email to be notified when your note is viewed, which I do not believe is possible with privnote. (It is also ad-free, which is always a plus to me!)
do you have an api for creating links?
@chrismccoy we do not currently have a public API for 1ty.me, but we would be happy to discuss creating 1 off integrations with specific 3rd party software platforms.