The year is 1984 and the city is Tokyo

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I like to think Murakami writes an entire novel and then throws the last 50 pages in the trash to leave the reader guessing / forced to create their own ending. This novel is pretty similar - alternate universe, a variety of dissonant feelings. The book feels like a dream. If you're a fan of Murakami it's a sweeping 500 page masterpiece.
@fosslien it's ~1000 pages haha
To me, 1Q84 was kind of a marathon - maybe because I had read a couple of Murakami novels the weeks leading up to it. If you are new to the Murakami universe, perhaps you would like to start with something a little lighter - Kafka on the Shore, Wild Sheep Chase, or Norwegian Wood (~300-400 pages). All of those are equally intricate, descriptive, and beautiful. What Murakami does magically well is to instill the feeling of "sonder." He is a master at taking ordinarily seeming people and diving deeply into their actions, their thoughts, and how the two come together in a world of uncertainty.
Great book! Loved the scary/tough female main character. Fantastical story grounded in a 'normal' reality. This was my first Murakami and I kick myself for taking so long to pick him up.