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Hey hunters! We're back with some great updates for you! With the new 1Password subscriptions, individuals (along with families and teams) can get multi-factor secured, hosted, automatically synced 1Password, and the first 6 months is on us! Check out the blog post to learn about everything you get with your new account, don't forget this includes ALL the native desktop and mobile apps at no additional cost. We'll be around all day answering questions so please don't hesitate to let us know what you think :)
Sign up before Sep 21st and get a free 6 months (code JUST4ME). Costs $2.99/month after that. Price is... not unreasonable. Well done, AgileBits!
I've been using 1Password for 8 years, and I'm instant-subscribing to this. I don't know how much I've paid in the past for upgrades, iOS apps and so on (probably well over $150), but am happy to continue supporting this non-funded development house building a fantastic project. And, honestly, that price is fantastic.
@cianmm Thanks so much for the kind words! I have also shelled out a decent amount for licenses in the past (before I started working with AgileBits), and it's GREAT to be able to get every app update for free from now on :D
@cohix wellllll… we definitely won't be getting every app update for free, we'll be getting every app update for $2.99 per month.