Global Connectivity for IoT Devices

1oT provides seamless worldwide cellular connectivity for IoT device makers. The service enables every IoT device maker to order, set up and manage multi-operator 1oT SIMs or eSIMs via easy-to-use connectivity management platform (1oT Terminal) and powerful API.

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    Makes scaling IOT routers outside our home market much easier.


    Not that I know of.

    The team behind this have masses of experience working with international telcos.

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    Great stuff. I saw your pricing plans, but are you able to provide custom packages as well?

Hello Product Hunt Family! I’m Heimar, Sales Manager at 1oT. 1oT offers global cellular connectivity for IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) device makers. One thing is to roll out your innovative IoT device and ship them out to end users globally, whole other thing is dealing with ridiculous roaming billing, carrier negotiations and SIM management in order to get the devices connected. This is where 1oT steps in. Not only does 1oT offer great cellular connectivity in 150+ countries worldwide and multiple carriers per country to ensure that your devices stay connected, we also let YOU manage and monitor your SIM traffic via self-service based connectivity management platform called 1oT Terminal. Set up data usage limits or notifications in order to keep you informed without logging into 1oT Terminal or integrate everything you see in our terminal to your systems with our robust RESTful API. Enjoy being in charge! What I haven’t mentioned yet is that there are no fixed term contracts: turn your SIMs off whenever you wish and don’t worry about paying for a service that you’re not using anymore. Interested? Contact us at sales@1oT.mobi and mention the code 1oTHunt in order to get a special deal & pricing on your order. We’d really-really like to hear about your experience with cellular connectivity when it comes to IoT or M2M. What are the bottlenecks and issues you’re facing with connecting your devices to the internet, what kinds of features are the most important to you, what info would you like to see on SIM management platform? Your feedback is much appreciated!
Hello @Davis and thank you for your question! We do provide custom offers if any of the website packages don’t fit your needs. Write an email to sales@1ot.mobi with the following info: 1) Quantity of SIMs you’re interested in; 2) In which regions/countries you need coverage; 3) How much data do your devices averagely consume per month; 4) Which form factor SIM cards you need. Based on these four points we can make you a custom offer and take it from there 😊
Hi @davis! I'm the co-founder & CEO of 1oT. Just wanted add to @heimar_lecht comment that in 90% of the cases we actually create custom pricing packages for our clients based on their data volumes & active countries/regions. Additionally, we are flexible in creating different pricing zones and support pooled billing option as well.
Hi guys. Say, I buy a bunch of 1oT SIMs, will the functionality of the platform be free for me or is there some kind of additional fee? And if you are already taking the time to answer me, another thing I'd like to know is if you are able to provide custom packages as well, in addition to the plans described in your pricing section?
Thank you @veiko_strauss! Great questions. Our connectivity management platform (1oT Terminal) with core functionality (SIM on/off, data limits, notifications, etc) comes free of charge, but there are some additional fees for value-added extra features (e.g. integration with Cisco Jasper or Slack, SMS, map view). Regarding pricing plans, yes, in most of the cases we create tailor-made pricing packages for our clients based on their data volumes and active countries / regions. For custom pricing offer, please contact our sales team at sales@1oT.mobi
@calum_cameron Thank you for your review! You are spot on 😉🙌